The $97 New Patient Special includes 7 Parts:

Part 1: A private consultation.

Part 2: A range of motion exam to find which joints are restricted and painful.

Part 3: Nerve tests to determine exactly which nerve is causing your pain.

Part 4: Muscle testing to isolate painful, tight or spastic muscles.

Part 5: Orthopedic tests to determine which joints may be limiting your mobility.

Part 6: 3 chiropractic treatments as appropriate to immediately give you some pain relief.

Part 7: A natural pain relieving gel.

Welcome to Spring Hill Chiropractic Injury Clinic in Spring Hill, TN!

Our doctors offer 3 safe and effective treatment categories to quickly relieve your pain!

These therapies are designed to first, relieve your pain fast! Second, reduce your tight or spastics muscles quickly! And third, restore you ability to move fully without pain!

Our treatments will help you work and sleep pain free once again! And perform your household activities such as cooking, cleaning or laundry pain free!
Our New Patient Special has made it safe and easy for you to try our proven and effective therapies.

We would like to offer you our $97 New Patient Special!

The normal cost for the 7 part $97 New Patient Special is $250. When you pick up the phone and call our office today the 7 part New Patient Special is only $97!

The $97 New Patient Special comes with a 2 part guarantee:

Part 1: 100% satisfaction or within 72 hours of your first visit you will receive a complete refund.

Part 2: No waiting, you will see a doctor within 7 minutes of your scheduled appointment.

However, the $97 New Patient Special is limited to the first 10 callers in any month simply due to space restrictions.

We look forward to helping you get out of pain fast and back to your daily activities!

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